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Our Brands / Supply Partners 2020
North Shore Distributors pride ourselves on providing our clients exceptional customer service, high quality products at competitive prices.
Our extensive network of supply partners have been carefully selected with businesses that share our direction and goals.
Register your interest in becoming a Supply Partner by sending us a message through our contact page.
ITWPF - Galmet / Devcon / Rocol / Applied / Molybond / Epirez
galmet logo large.jpg

Galmet’s metal protection range of anti-corrosive coatings and paints are designed to preserve and protect both new and old steel structures and assets.


Galmet® offers only the very best in zinc paint solutions for both galvanized steel and galvanized steel painting. Galmet’s Metal Protection range of paints and coatings provide corrosion resistance and corrosion protection which enable users to treat and prevent the formation of rust.


Galmet is renowned for its industrial strength coatings, paints and associated products which include:

For information on selecting the correct Galmet product for your project, view the Product Application sheet.


If you are looking for a high-quality metal paint, Galmet has the best solutions. From the toughest industrial applications to the smallest jobs around the home, Galmet Metal Protection products offer convenient application, outstanding performance and attractive versatile finishes.

Galmet metal protection products – offer the complete system of protection to ensure optimum corrosion protection of all your metal surfaces!

Stop rust, use Galmet. 


The Galmet® family of metal protection products began back in 1960, from a modest office in Bridge Street, Sydney.  In a short time the company’s zinc rich primers and coatings, most notably Galmet® ColdGal, were established as Australia’s premium anti-rust products.

Following the success of Galmet® ColdGal, an innovative rust converter, Ironize, was added to the range.  By the late 1970’s Galmet expanded its product range to include aerosol primers and anti-corrosive spraying enamels.  These included Epoxy Rustpaint, a high performance enamel for industrial and domestic use, Spraypaint, a fast drying enamel for industrial use, and the Fence Gutter Facia range, which incorporates the latest Colorbond® colours.


Drawing from over 50 years of experience in manufacturing anti-corrosive solutions, these products are still the foundation of the Galmet range. Galmet® is still proudly made in Australia, today it is manufactured by ITW Polymers and Fluids at Wetherill Park in NSW.

The fundamental foundations of Galmet quality are still employed today in our manufacturing process.  Whether the metal surface is new or requires restoration, Galmet metal protection products are your guarantee of convenience, outstanding performance, attractive versatile finishes and quality every time.

Looking for TDS/SDS sheets? click here.


Devcon consists of an extensive range of highly effective epoxy and urethane products developed for maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) applications.

Devcon products find applications in oil refineries, steel mills, tanneries, pulp and paper mills. In fact, anywhere an emergency repair or maintenance to equipment of an industrial nature is required.


Devcon – the solution to equipment maintenance, repair, rebuilding and bonding in both industrial and mining applications!

The Devcon product range was first introduced into Australia in 1980 and soon after, local manufacture commenced.

Devcon products find applications in oil refineries, steel mills, tanneries, pulp and paper mills. In fact, anywhere an emergency repair or maintenance to equipment of an industrial nature is required.

The Devcon range consists of:

  • Epoxy products for general, precision and emergency repairs that extend the life of critical process equipment

       Abrasion Resistant Epoxy Systems

  • Flexane urethanes for casting and rubber repair

         Flexane Rubber Repair and Urethane Casting Compound         

  • Epoxy adhesives for technically advanced applications

         High Strength Adhesives 

To view Devcon's full range of products (all of which are available through NSDWA) and to download TDS/SDS sheets, click here.


The Rocol brand consists of a range of premium quality technically advanced Maintenance and Service lubricants (MRO) and Site Safety Products.


Rocol is a world leader in cutting fluid technology with the renowned RTD hand applied cutting lubricant for metalworking, a market leader in its range of Foodlube – authorised food safe lubricants and its Sapphire range of bearing greases. The Rocol Site Safety products are designed to make premises, structures and public areas safer for public to use. These include the Easyline range of line marking paints and Safe Step anti-slip coatings.


Rocol brand consists of a range of premium quality, technically advanced maintenance and service lubricants and site safety products.

The Rocol brand was established in 1953 and began manufacturing in Australia in 1977. Since then, the Rocol brand has established a reputation for quality and performance in metal cutting lubricants and maintenance products.


Products sold under the Rocol brand include:

Rocol has high performance products serving industrial, maintenance, engineering workshops, railways, mining and marine applications.

Rocol – Creating Lubricants with Industry.

To view Rocol's full range of products (all of which are available through NSDWA) and to download TDS/SDS sheets, click here.


ITW Polymers & Fluids manufactures Molybond lubricants from its head office at Wetherill Park, Sydney NSW, Australia. The Molybond brand encompasses a comprehensive range of molybdenum based specialised lubricants suited to MRO, Mining, Heavy Engineering, Earthmoving and Defence industries. These include anti-seize compounds, bearing and open gear greases, wire rope & chain lubricants, oils & oil supplements, rockdrill and hydraulic oils.


Molybond began as a manufacturer and supplier of automotive lubricants containing molybdenum disulphide at Steelweld Fabrication, West Footscray, in 1957. The range began with an anti-seize paste, several bearing greases, and a powder based surface application.


The Molybond brand made significant progress in the development of its technology with the commissioning of the grease manufacturing plant in 1992. This allowed Molybond greases to be formulated using the latest technology, and from this came the launch of Molybond TSG which has now established itself as one of the best performing lubricants on heavy duty mining applications.


Molybond Specialised Lubricants product range includes gearbox oils, bearing greases, wire rope, chain and open gear lubricants. The Molybond brand made significant progress in the development of its technology with the commissioning of the grease manufacturing plant in 1992. This allowed Molybond greases to be formulated using the latest technology.

The comprehensive range of Molybond Specialised Lubricants are suited to serve mining, engineering, and defence industries.


Products sold under the Molybond brand include:

Molybond continues to supply quality lubricants to the Australian mining industry, as it has done for over 40 years.

To view Molybond's full range of products (all of which are available through NSDWA) and to download TDS/SDS sheets, click here.

Cameleon Coatings
C & A Brushware

Cameleon Coatings have been manufacturing a wide range of industrial, protective and specialty coatings here in Western Australia since 1989.


Cameleon Coatings (the trading name of Red Fire Holdings Pty Ltd, a wholly owned West Australian company) manufactures a wide range of industrial, protective and specialty coatings that are simply beyond the scope of many other manufacturers.

Over the years Cameleon has extended it’s products, producing innovative coating solutions to meet the demands of a wide range of industry needs. Their consistent investment in research and development and willingness to customise project specific products has contributed directly to their business growth and success.

Cameleon’s technical strength is underpinned by the R&D which started to introduce water based technology, developed specifically for industrial and protective coatings.

To view Cameleon's full range of products (all of which are available through NSDWA) and to download TDS/SDS sheets, click here.


C & A Brush Logo.jpg

C&A Brushware is a family owned company and was established in 1985 and in 2015 celebrated its 30th anniversary as an Australian manufacturer and supplier of quality painting products.


The modern premises located at Taren Point in southern Sydney is where administration, manufacturing and despatch takes places with an Australia-wide distribution network. The company is also expert and experienced in handling export orders and ‘’own brand” packaging.

C&A Brushware is always expanding their range, seeking out the best and newest innovations in roller fabric from Europe and the USA. Sourcing roller fabric that is suitable for specialised applications, for use by the home handyman, the professional painter, for marine, flooring, epoxy and industrial uses.

Paint brushes are made from top quality bristle and filament and range in quality from handyman to professional painter standard and are made to the highest specifications, from the best quality raw materials.

Always looking to increase the range of products, C&A Brushware also stocks a full range of painting accessories including paint scrapers, paint mixers, poles, snap blade knives, painter’s pads and paint trays that are also Australian made.

C&A Brushware are proud to be the only remaining company to manufacture paint brushes and paint rollers in Australia, therefore they can offer flexibility, can be innovative and can deliver specialised orders at short notice.


To view C&A Brushware's full range of products, all of which are available through NSDWA, click here.

AAMTECH - Chemtech / Septone / Wynn's / Permatech / Tectaloy
chemtech logo.png
septone logo.png

ITW AAMTech is a manufacturer and distributor of quality automotive aftermarket products for the DIY and DIFM markets in Australia and New Zealand. Globally we are part of the US$13.4 billion dollar ITW family which operates in 57 countries around the world focusing on innovative customer solutions. All AAMTech products are either manufactured or distributed through one of our three sites in Hemmant QLD, Wetherill Park NSW, or our head office in Dandenong South VIC.
Our vast range of products are distributed in the Automotive Aftermarket, Fleet, Trade & Industrial markets. We are successful in our markets because of the strength our iconic brands, and our ability to provide our customers with a constant flow of new & improved products.

Products sold under the AAMTECH brand include:


To view AAMTECH's full range of products (all of which are available through NSDWA) and to download TDS/SDS sheets, click here.


Paints, ceramic coatings, dyes and chemical products for automotive, hardware and household applications. These products set the standard for durability, rust and corrosion control, extreme weather protection, chemical resistance and high temperature tolerance.


VHT products include:

To view VHT's full range of products (all of which are available through NSDWA) and to download TDS/SDS sheets, click here.

Norglass Specialty Finishes

Norglass is a specialist manufacturer of highest quality paints and surface coatings.

Each raw material is selected for its performance characteristics, not the price.

This is endorsed by market acceptance nationally in one of the harshest and most extreme climates on earth. From Albany in Western Australia to Zillmere in Queensland, Norglass products are out there performing, year after year. From multi-million dollar luxury yachts in the Philippines to outriggers in Lae, Papua New Guinea the reputation continues to expand.

Norglass was incorporated in May 1979 in Sydney, and current ownership acquired in May 1982. It is 100% family owned by Les Baker, Janice Baker and Brett Mould.

More than 50 retail D.I.Y. lines of paint, marine and specialty finishes covering a ‘start to finish’ systems approach for all surfaces.

From glues, fillers, reinforcing materials, primers, undercoats, finishes and clears to solvents, cleaners and additives.

Sizes vary from 20 millilitres to 20 litres.

The areas of usage vary widely as illustrated by some applications of Northane Gloss.

This 2 pack polyurethane protects railway station seats, cars, stock crates, fish ponds, garage doors, aluminium windows, communication towers, furniture, earth moving machinery, buses, racing cars, water tanks, kitchen cupboard doors, aircraft, pipelines, caravans, cold storage cells, department store shelving, food processing surfaces… just to mention some examples of difficult maintenance areas.

To view Norglass's full range of products (all of which are available through NSDWA) and to download TDS/SDS sheets, click here.


For over 70 years Pentel has been the world leader in the innovation of writing instruments. Since Pentel was founded in 1947 we have created over two thirds of the world's writing instruments.


Today Pentel has subsidiaries in 20 countries around the world. These offices supply people worldwide with Pentel products manufactured in Japan, United States of America, Taiwan and France.


Pentel takes pride in the craftsmanship of every product. Every Pentel automatic pencil, pen, adhesive, correction fluid and art material are manufactured to conform to the ISO9001 standard, making Pentel the leader in quality manufacturing excellence.

To view Pentel's full range of products (all of which are available through NSDWA) and to download TDS/SDS sheets, click here.

Stylus Tapes & McLuckie Brushware

Stylus Tapes International is an Australian and New Zealand owned and operated company.

Established in 1981, it has grown to become one of the nation's largest importers, convertors and suppliers of pressure sensitive adhesive tape throughout Australia and the South pacific region.


The Stylus distribution network services a broad range of markets and industries. These include packaging, industrial engineering, automotive, film and music, stationery, hardware, building, safety, aeronautical, manufacturing, mining and many others.

The range of adhesive tapes is both diverse and of the highest quality, which ensures customer satisfaction and confidence. The company, via its extensive distribution network has established itself as a market leader by providing:

  • A comprehensive range of products and well recognised brands from some of the world's leading manufacturers.

  • An experienced management team with unparalleled expertise and knowledge.

  • A high level of service, facilitated by five company operated warehouses (combined capacity of 10,000 square metres) located in all mainland states.

  • A strong customer focus driven by a dedicated national sales force coupled with the ability to customise product through an extensive converting and printing facility

mcluckie logo.png

McLuckie’s is a Western Australia owned and operated business and has been servicing Australia with quality brushware and cleaning products since the 1970’s.

To view McLuckie's products, click here.

favco logo.jpg
Parex Davco

Davco is Australia’s market leader in the development and manufacture of tile installation products. With an extensive range includes primers, waterproofing membranes, adhesives, grouts and sealants for both new build and renovation projects. Established in 1972, Davco is the industry’s most well-known and trusted brand with a solution for everyone - from tiling professionals to architects to DIY homeowners.

Along with the Australian specialised construction brands Ormonoid and Lanko, Davco is part of the international ParexGroup. ParexGroup is a truly global company and a leading producer of specialty dry-mix solutions with 3,905 employees, operations in 21 countries and 64 international manufacturing facilities. Whilst being part of the ParexGroup gives us access to a high quality product portfolio and technological developments, we have a strong local focus and a commitment to delivering the best solutions for the Australian tiling industry.

Davco has state of the art manufacturing facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth – all of which are ISO 9001 and ISO18001 accredited. Our warehouses at each site serve metropolitan and regional customers throughout the whole of Australia. Whatever the scale or location of your project, Davco can respond quickly and precisely to your needs. You can count on us to be a reliable supplier of your tile installation products.

Davco primers, waterproofing membranes, adhesives, grouts and sealants are available in major hardware and tile retail outlets.


At Davco our expertise comes from our international network and from over 40 years of experience in the Australian tiling industry. As a result, we have created and maintain a strong relationship of trust with our customers. We use the quality label, Tiled & Tested®to confirm the proven performance of our products and to brand our expertise. For us, our customers are our priority. Tiled & Tested® enforces our commitment to them for the trust they place in Davco.

To view Parex Davco's full range of products (all of which are available through NSDWA) and to download TDS/SDS sheets, click here.

osy_background_new_logo copy.jpg

North Shore Distributors WA are proud to distribute our own range of high quality locally sourced industrial lubricants, cleaners, degreasers, greases, paints, coatings and accessories.

Our products include;

OSY White Spray Grease

OSY Silicone Lubricant

OSY Electrical Contact Cleaner

OSY Water Dispersant Lubricant

OSY Cold Galvanising

OSY Brake and Parts Cleaner

OSY Carby and Throttle Cleaner

OSY Solvent Degreaser

OSY Fluorescent Float Paint

OSY Chalkboard Paint

OSY Spraying Enamels

OSY Grass Marking Paint

OSY Road Marking Paint

For more information on our range of OSY products and where to purchase, send us a message through our contact page.

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